Concrete Services in Edison Park

Concrete Services Edison Park

For over 30 years Mark’s Tuckpointing has been serving Edison Park for all their concrete services. 

Concrete Service Edison Park 

As much as we love building with bricks, we love creating concrete creations. Nobody pours like Mark’s Tuckpointing.  That is because we have been working in Edison Park, Illinois for over 30 years! We know the local ordinance, the town codes, that can make sure your concrete project is taken care of the right way the first time.  Whether it is installing a porch, creating a custom sidewalk, Mark’s Tuckpointing can help you get the job done every time.

Edison Park, Illinois is an interesting area when it comes to serving houses and businesses for concrete services.  Because of the harsh winters, concrete is more susceptible to breaking and cracking than in other areas of the country.  This is because of the constant freezing and refreezing of moisture in the concrete.  This will then cause cracks and breaks which only exacerbate the situation over time. However, serving the Edison Park area for over 30 years has given us the experience and the confidence that we can rely on to make sure that your concrete project lasts through the test of time.  When you trust Mark’s Tuckpointing with your concrete needs you are trusting a service that has:

Call us today and let us work on the exterior of your home or business!  

Process Tuckpointing in Edison Park is easy as 1-2-3

1. Free Estimate

Let us come out and give you a free estimate. You will know time, price, all in written form so everything is laid out for you. 

2. Pour and Build

We will work with you every step of the way so you know exactly what we are doing

3. Clean Up

We will make sure to clean up the entire site so you can never tell we were there – until you look at your beautiful exterior!

Local Edison Park Concrete Service

Mark’s Tuckpointing specializes in a variety of different concrete structure building and repairing for homes and businesses in and around Edison Park. Adding a concrete pathway around your home, or a porch and patio, repairing the concrete steps up to your door, or making a patio for your patrons if you are a business can really add a nice touch to your building.  However, every project has to start somewhere and that is with the idea of what you want to build.  If you are considering a building or repair the following things here are some things to think about: 

Concrete Steps –  When you are adding or repairing concrete steps in Edison Park you want to first think about the incline grade of the step. Who is this for? If it is for a parent or grandparent you want to make sure there is less area in between each step.  Also, you want to look at the frame you are building the steps out of.  Will the steps sag or sink into the earth on either side? Finally, how wide do you want the steps and where are you going to anchor the banister points into the steps.  This will help you plan out the concrete steps you want to build a lot better and make them safe for the future. 

Concrete Walkway and Path -The first thing to think of is where the path is going to go and then what you are going to build the path out of.  For instance, are you connecting your front yard to the back yard?  How much of your yard are you going to cover?  These are going to impact the way you carve out the path, and where it should go based on the grade of the property. Over time concrete slabs are going to sink into the ground, especially with how much rain Edison Park can get in a year, so planning where your walkway is going to go is always the first step. Once the walkway is planned you can determine if you want to go concrete, decorative bricks, and more based on where the walkway will go. 

Concrete Driveways – Concrete driveways are an amazing investment for your home.  Your home’s value actually increases when you have a concrete driveway.  Also sealing an asphalt driveway is a painstaking process that has to be done multiple times during the life of the driveway where a concrete driveway can just be. However, maintenance is the key here to make your concrete driveway last. Stay away from parking on the edges of the driveway. You can seal concrete driveways in order to extend its life. When you carve out the area for the driveway ensure that everything is level and straight.  Finally, definitely consider using a professional concrete service in the area to do the driveway.  They have knowledge and experience that you might not have and cannot get from any online instruction video. It is well worth the money expenditure and the guarantee using a service carries with it. 

Concrete Porches – Due to the construction of the homes in Edison Park , Illinois concrete Porches are becoming more and more important.  They are solid and they last awhile which is good. There isn’t really anything heavy sitting or driving over them like a driveway and there isn’t constant use alike with a walkway.  However, now they are starting to crack and crumble because they have lasted for over 40-50 years.  Let us come out and assess the damage and give you the best advice for the future of your concrete porch.  You might consider getting rid of it to create more landscaping are in front of the house or keep it to give you a future place to hang in the future.  At least you can trust us to give you the best options which will let you make the right decisions.

Concrete Services in Edison Park
Concrete Services in Edison Park
Concrete Services in Edison Park
Concrete Services in Edison Park

Commercial Concrete Edison Park

Mark’s Tuckpointing understands businesses.  We have been conducting business in Edison Park for 30 years so we can connect with you to give you exactly what you need to set your business up for success.  Most of the concrete services that we do for residential homes in the area also translates into the services we can do for businesses as well! 

For instance, businesses can always benefit from a nice walkway or a path to let people around their complex. We often work with owners of condo and apartment buildings in order to build them decorative and concrete areas for their renters to get around their complexes. Some businesses out front need to project a nice image to their potential customers in Edison Park so they like to make sure their concrete area in front of their store is not broken or cracked over time.  

One of the best ways you can bring more business in is by investing in a concrete patio for your business.  Restaurants with outdoor seating always do better and their patrons love to take advantage of them on a nice day. We can make sure to carve out the area, pour the concrete, level it smoothly and make a great area for your patrons to spend time in while in your business. 

If you have a commercial business in Edison Park and are looking for the best commercial concrete service in the area call us today! We’ll work with your business to make sure your project is completed quickly and safely as to not disrupt your day to day operations.