Chimneys Niles

Chimneys Niles

An important part of any Niles home, your chminey needs to be safe and sound

Chimneys Niles

Our community is home to a lot of chimneys.  Due to the year that most houses were constructed in Niles, chances are your house has a brick chimney.  Furthermore, due to the year that most houses were constructed in Niles, chances are you chimney is starting to show damage, weathering, or you have had to work on it before. Due the weather in the areas and the animals that can find their way inside chimneys can have a lot of problems over the years.  However, Mark’s Tuckpointing is here to help. We know chimney and we know how to fix them and bring them back to their former glory. We also know that people like using their chimneys when the weather drops during the Winter in the area. 

We know this because we have been building and repairing chimneys in the area for over 30 years.  We know bricks and brick projects. We specialize in exterior home remodeling, therefore we are the chimney experts.  Whether your chimney is damaged from catching on fire, from water leaking through, brick decay we have you covered.  Also when you have Mark’s Tuckpointing come out you are trusting service that has:

If you notice a problem with your chimney call us today or fill out the form and one of our chimney experts will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule your free estimate! 

Process Tuckpointing in Niles is easy as 1-2-3

1. Free Estimate

Let us come out and give you a free estimate. You will know time, price, all in written form so everything is laid out for you. 

2. Build/Repair

We will work with you every step of the way so you know exactly what we are doing

3. Clean Up

We will make sure to clean up the entire site so you can never tell we were there – until you look at your beautiful exterior!

Chimney Repair Niles

Having a chimney is great because a chimney means you have a fireplace.  Not only can fireplaces raise the value of your home but they can also help you lower your heating bills during the winter.  However, owning a chimney also comes with it an inherent risk of damage to that chimney. Chimneys can catch on fire, they can be invaded by animals and they can be destroyed by water throughout the year.  Here are some of the warning signs you might see if your chimney is collapsing: 

  1. Water is leaking in – If you are sitting at home and all the sudden hear the unmistakeable dripping sound of water falling in, you can check your chimney.  This means that you have holes and openings in your bricks up top.  
  2. Water in the fireplace – Along with hearing the sound of water coming in, if you go and light a fire and the logs are wet or the glass is wet this can also be a sign that your chimney is not as sealed as well as it should be. 
  3. White Streaks – When you are looking at chimney are there white streaks in the bricks?  This is a sign of moisture in your bricks.  Moisture getting trapped in the bricks is the sure sign that your chimney needs to be sealed through tuckpointing or another process. Anywhere on your house, on your chimney, or on any brick structure you might have if you see these white streaks it is time to call a local chimney expert in Niles, Illinois before the damage gets worse. 
  4. Falling and crumbling bricks – If you are walking around your house and on the ground you see pieces of brick that means they probably feel from your chimney.  If you notice pieces of brick in your gutters this is also a sign that your chimney is failing,
Chimneys Niles
Chimneys Niles

5. Discolored Joints – The joints in between your bricks can tell you a lot about how old your chimney is.  If the joints look good then that means your chimney can still be relatively young.  If your joints are discolored or wasting away, then you might have a problem to solve.  Remember a local Niles chimney specialist is always there to help.  Call them when you notice something instead of waiting because you can take steps like tuckpointing to help prevent catastrophic failure of your chimney. 

6. Breaking Flue Liner – If you are noticing pieces of tile inside your fireplace call us IMMEDIATELY!  This is a good sign that your flue liner is failing.  The flue liner prevents heat and fire from damaging your house.  Make sure there are no tiles 

7. Wall/Paint Damage – Is the wall area surrounding your chimney showing signs of damage?  This means that you have a leak in the roof flashing, holes in the bricks and it is getting into the walls.  This can cause a bigger problem if left untreated and you should rely on a professional brick service to look immediately. 

8. Crumbling Masonry – If you see the bricks failing, not being able to support the weight, or a melted or broken crown then it is time to reach out to a local chimney service.  

Again, regardless if it is Mark’s Tuckpointing or another local chimney expert in Niles, call someone to look at the issue as soon as you notice something.  There are relatively easy and quick fixes for preventing further damage.  If left untreated you could be opening yourself to thousands of dollars of repair between water and fire damage to your home! 

Local Chimney Service Niles 

When it comes to chimneys Mark’s has you covered. We are the number one local service in Niles, Illinois that can help you with any of your tuckpointing needs.  However, Mark’s also specializes in many other exterior services in Niles as well.  Take a look below at all of our exterior services that we can help out with living in Niles, Illinois today!