Brickwork Niles

Brickwork Niles

Replacement and installation of brick services in Niles, Illinois

Brickwork Niles

Mark’s Tuckpointing knows brickwork.  It is what we do day in and day out and have been doing for over 30 years! Living in Niles, Illinois we all know the elemental damage that can happen to our exterior brickwork around our homes.  We live in an area where temperatures and moisture can destroy the bricks that make up our homes and our businesses.  Nothing is immune whether it is a chimney, exterior bricks, mailboxes, outdoor firepits, they are all at the mercy of Niles’ frozen Winters and sometimes searing heat.  

However, Mark’s Tuckpointing can help.  Since we have specialized in brickwork for the past 30 years we can replace, and rebuild any structure that is impacted by these weather conditions. We also take painstaking precision in order to make sure that any structure we build lasts as long as possible.  That is why our business has:

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Process Tuckpointing in Niles is easy as 1-2-3

1. Free Estimate

Let us come out and give you a free estimate. You will know time, price, all in written form so everything is laid out for you. 

2. Construction

We will work with you every step of the way so you know exactly what we are doing

3. Clean Up

We will make sure to clean up the entire site so you can never tell we were there – until you look at your beautiful exterior!

Brickwork Services Niles 

“Why use brick?”.  You might be asking yourself this question.  Well, there is no denying that brick is solid and a good base to build something out of.  Also, you can taper off the effects of brick decay through the construction techniques that you employ.  Due to the construction of homes in and around Niles, Illinois you might not have any choice! Finally, there are some cool things you can build out of brick that will give your home an extra touch of panache that can make it stand out on your block from another. 

Fireplaces – inside or outside you can build a beautiful fireplace out of brick.  Most homes in Niles already have a brick fireplace that they use during the winter. This can lower your heating bills and let you enjoy a cozy night on the couch.  Outside fireplaces can be constructed very easily however, using a brick specialty company can make it last longer.  You can use materials and designs that will protect your fireplace from the heat and will make it last. 

Lintels – Lintels are concrete beams that connect two columns together.  Due to the age of the structures in Niles and Chicago, you will see Lintels all the time.  However, making sure these structures are attractive and structurally sound is important. If you have a broken lintel call us today and we can help make sure that it does not crumble or deteriorate completely.

Chimneys –  Along with fireplaces chimneys are generally made out of brick and can be exposed to not only the elements but also animals over time. Read more below about chimney services and chimney repair for your home. 

Replacement –  Nothing lasts forever.  Due to the age of the buildings, your bricks are going to start deteriorating and crumbling over time. However, we can help.  Not only can we employ tuckpointing but we can also on the affected areas of your structure. 

Brickwork Niles
Brickwork Niles
Brickwork Niles
Brickwork Niles

Brickwork Decay Prevention

In order to prevent your bricks from decaying, you want to prevent moisture.  Anything you can do to prevent moisture from getting into your bricks will prevent the decay of the bricks.  In Niles, this touch because we seem to go from snow to rain, to warm rain, to cold rain, to snow. So what are some things that you can to try and prevent the breaking of your bricks?  Here are some steps you can take: 

  1. Replace broken bricks – If a brick breaks or cracks replace the brick as soon as possible.  This will prevent further water from going into the brick or behind it and prevent further decay.  
  2. Use a Bretheable Sealant – One of the biggest problems is during construction or during repair work people or businesses don’t use the right type of sealant.  It’s counterintuitive, but water will go in and out of bricks pores naturally.  By putting on a sealant you will prevent that process trapping water into your brick which then will cause cracking and decay. 
  3. Tuckpointing – No it’s not a commercial for another service of ours, it is the truth. Good tuckpointing can really protect your bricking from decay and help the brick last longer. 
  4. Improper Placement – When constructing your brick project putting lower grade bricks on the bottom will cause the, to crack under the pressure.  This is another reason why trusting a local brickwork service in Niles, Illinois with your project will not only help construct the project but also can make your project last longer. 

Local Brickwork Service Niles 

When it comes to brickwork Mark’s has you covered. We are the number one local service in Niles, Illinois that can help you with any of your tuckpointing needs.  However, Mark’s also specializes in many other exterior services in Niles as well.  Take a look below at all of our exterior services that we can help out with living in Niles, Illinois today!