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Masonry Service Edison Park

Mark’s Tuckpointing has been offering residential and commercial masonry repair and replacement services for over 30 years in Edison Park, Illinois. The next time you are looking for someone who offers masonry repair, call our highly trained and fully licensed professionals today. We offer honest prices, quality service and are always on time. You can rely on our team for your next masonry project.


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If you are looking at your brickwork and think it is time to get it inspected or to protect it from further damage Mark’s Tuckpointing is the number one choice for you! Call us today for a free estimate: 


Masonry Projects Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights has some of the most beautiful homes in the area.  Since it has an old school charm there are several masonry projects that can make them really pop! Here are a few masonry projects that can really bring out the cool style of your home while not breaking the bank: 

  • Outdoor Fireplaces 
  • Concrete Steps 
  • Decorative Pathways 
  • Stone ponds
  • Decorative Benches 
  • Stone Walls
  • Outdoor Fire Pits 

Any of these cool projects are just a free estimate away! 

Masonry Repair Edison Park
Masonry Repair Edison Park
Masonry Repair Edison Park


Taking care of your brickwork or stonework is something many people forget to do or don’t think about doing. However, it is something that needs to be repaired when necessary to prevent any serious problems from happening in the future. It’s important to get your brickwork checked out if you notice that your brick or stones have: cracks in the concrete, deteriorating mortar joints, sinking masonry, or the brick or stones become loose and start falling out. Water damage is another problem that needs to be repaired right away as well. If ignored, water damage can cause serious problems. One way to tell if your masonry has water damage is to check for any discoloration or dark patches on the bricks or stones. The professionals at Mark’s Tuckpointing are highly trained and have years of experience in masonry repair in Arlington Heights, Illinois. The next time you need masonry repair service, call the professionals at Mark’s Tuckpointing!


  • Cracked Masonry – If you see cracks, you should have it looked at right away. If it isn’t taken care of, it can create more cracks in your Arlington Heights home, which will cause water to get in and create water damage.
  • Missing Mortar – Every 15-20 years your brickwork should be repointed. If you have severe storms often then you may need it repointed sooner. Make sure to hire a professional to repoint your brickwork to ensure it is done right and to help prevent any problems from happening in the future.
  • Interior Problems – Cracked and deformed windows could indicate that your masonry needs repair. If you notice that your windows are starting to crack then we suggest you get it looked at.

Masonry Service Arlington Heights

We have highly trained professionals who have the skills and expertise in masonry repair and replacement. We have worked on residential and commercial buildings in Arlington Heights and have experience in every kind of project. No project is too much to handle for our team at Mark’s Tuckpointing. We serve the Chicagoland area and the surrounding suburbs. If you have any questions or concerns about your masonry, call us for a FREE estimate. We can give your home or business in Chicago an online estimate and answer any questions or concerns you might have. We even provide a follow-up service, if necessary.