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Tuckpointing & Masonry Repair in Maywood

Mark’s Tuckpointing & Remodeling, Inc. works hard to not just meet your masonry goals, but to exceed them! There are many good reasons to choose the professional services of our masonry contractors, here are just a few of them:
• We have a fantastic standing of carrying out thousands of successful masonry repair projects throughout the Chicago area.
• We are A+ rated with the BBB and have a 4.6 star rating on Google.
• Our masonry site manager is at your property throughout the project to ensure your project receives the highest quality masonry work possible.
• We offer an absolutely FREE, no-hassle estimate
 Call Mark’s Tuckpointing & Remodeling, Inc., today, at 773-774-0444, and we will send a masonry professional to your Maywood home or business to inspect your needs and provide you a written & comprehensive quote. 

Tuckpointing Service Maywood

Weather Impact

Wind and moisture are the major enemies of the mortar joints. These two factors can cause breaking up. The damaged mortar is washed out and it continues to use up. Sometimes even bricks become loose and fall out the wall.

Marks Tuckpointing & Remodeling Inc is Licensed and Fully Insured

Serving Maywood and throughout Chicago 

High Quality Service

Our hundreds of finished projects ensure our clients that tuckpointing projects in Chicago area will be of high quality. When you see a well-build brick wall or a chimney with perfect lines and symmetry, you should know that professional did it. Solid tuckpointing shouldn’t crack, chipp or peel up to 3 years.

Getting Started

If you need more information about our brickwork job – use contact form to get in touch. Or if you want to get a free estimate on next job – use our Online Free Estimate Form.

Tuckpointing Contractors Maywood

With Mark’s Tuckpointing & Remodeling Inc you can trust our professionals with any exterior renovation project you might have in Maywood. No project is too big or too small for us. Our professionals are licensed and insured for your protection. 


Have you been noticing cracks in your mortar? Those cracks are signs telling you that you need tuckpointing. It is important to get your tuckpointing repaired because water and moisture can cause the masonry of the walls to break down or deteriorate. Calling a professional to come out to your home or building is the best idea because they have many years of experience in tuck-pointing. We have over 30 years of experience in masonry and brick repair, installation, and replacement services in Maywood

Benefits of Professional Tuckpointing

  1. Curb Appeal: When selling your home, make sure your tuckpointing looks great. First impressions are everything when putting your home on the market. Tuckpointing will make your outside brickwork look amazing and give your home or building an unforgettable first impression.
  2. Weather Proofing: As we already mentioned, living in the Maywood area can be a serious issues for concrete. When rain and moisture get into the cracks of your brick or concrete work, which then freezes which will contract the water. When it unfreezes it will cause that frozen water to expand, which will break and crack the concrete. Tuckpointing service will make sure that your brickwork is sealed all around and nothing will be able to get in.
  3. Insulation Value: Your home could be losing valuable heat and air conditioning due to a bad tuckpointing job.