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Tuckpointing Park Ridge, Illinois

Finding a tuckpointing professional you can trust can be difficult in Park Ridge. With Mark’s Tuckpointing you can trust our professionals with any tuckpointing project you might have. No project is to big or to small for us. Our professionals are licensed and insured in Park Ridge, Illinois. You can always expect the utmost customer service with us!

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Tuckpointing Services Park Ridge

Have you been noticing cracks in your mortar? Those cracks are signs telling you that your need tuckpointing. It is important to get your tuckpointing repaired because water and moisture can cause the masonry of the walls to break down or deteriorate. Calling a professional to come out to your home or building is the best idea because they have many years of experience in tuckpointing. We have over 30 years of experience in tuckpointing repair, installation, and replacement services in the Park Ridge area.

Benefits of Tuckpointing Park Ridge

  1. Curb Appeal: When selling your home, make sure your tuckpointing looks great. First impressions are everything when putting your home on the market. Tuckpointing will make your outside brickwork look amazing and give your home or building an unforgettable first impression.
  2. Weather Proofing: As we already mentioned, living in the Park Ridge area can be a serious issues for concrete. When rain and moisture get into the cracks of your brick or concrete work, which then freezes which will contract the water. When it unfreezes it will cause that frozen water to expand, which will break and crack the concrete. Tuckpointing service will make sure that your brickwork is sealed all around and nothing will be able to get in.
  3. Insulation Value: Your home could be losing valuable heat and air conditioning due to a bad tuckpointing job. Local tuckpointing services in Park Ridge can help you insulate your home to retain those temperatures easier. You will save over time because your heating and cooling system won’t have to run as much.

Tuckpointing is often something that is forgotten about or pushed to the side to deal with later, but when living in Park Ridge, Illinois it is one of those home services we need! Harsh weather can cause serious damage to your home or building. Here are a few ways tuckpointing can help your home or building:

Common Tuckpointing Questions:

  • Why do you need tuckpointing? If you repair your tuckpointing when it’s needed you will save yourself lots of time and expensive costs. If you wait to long then your masonry wall will starts to deteriorate will need to be torn down and fully replaced. Keeping up with tuckpointing services is less expensive and can extend the life of your wall!
  • How long does tuckpointing last? Did you know that weather climates can cause serious damage to your masonry walls and will cause you to get your tuckpointing repaired or replaced sooner? If you live in an area such as Park Ridge, you will need to get it fixed more often than when living in an area with drier conditions.
  • What should you do with cracked mortar? You should call a professional to have it looked at right away. A professional will check to see if there is anything serious going on. Ignoring serious problems with your mortar will only cause more problems in the future.
  • How often should you tuckpoint? How often you should tuckpoint depends on the condition of your mortar. If a professional did your tuckpointing then it can last a long up to 30 years!

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