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When owning a building or a house in Albany Park that is made out of brick there is one thing that can destroy your facade more than anything; the weather.  Due to our Winters and rainy Springs you need to protect your brickwork to make sure it lasts as long as it can.  Our highly trained professional masons can inspect, repair or replace your brickwork. It’s important to make the necessary repairs to keep the structure of your building in great condition. We have several years of experience in repairing, correcting, restoring and improving masonry in Albany Park and throughout the surrounding Chicago area. Let our team get your home or business’s brickwork looking new again!  

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If you are looking at your brickwork and think it is time to get it inspected or to protect it from further damage Mark’s Tuckpointing is the number one choice for you! Call us today for a free estimate: 



Properly installed and maintained Brickwork on homes and buildings in the Albany Park area can last up to 100 years. One of the best things you can do for your brickwork is maintain it regularly. If you get your brickwork repaired when it needs repairing then you will help keep the building in good condition and prolong the life of the bricks. Maintenance is extremely important because and will help prolong the life of your building because it helps prevent damages from occurring. Below are a few things that will help prolong the life of your brickwork.

  • Layout – The layout of the structure is important. If it is designed properly then it will be able to withstand things like, weather, environment, etc.
  • Quality of work – The quality of work plays a huge role in prolonging the lifespan of your brickwork. The better constructed it is, the better it will last and need less maintenance.
  • Maintenance – proper maintenance such as, repairs or replacement is highly beneficial. The sooner you have your brickwork repaired or replaced the less likely it is to cause more issues in the future.
Brickwork Specialists

Protecting Your Brickwork

What are some of the things you can do living in Albany Park that can help you maintain your brickwork over time?  Here are some tips that you can employ to try and maintain your brickwork for as long as possible: 

Tuckpointing:  One of the biggest things that will destroy brickwork is moisture.  Therefore, tuckpointing in between your bricks will prevent moisture from going in, freezing, and thawing protecting your brick from cracking. 

Water Repellent: You can also choose to employ the use of a water repellent on your brickwork.  This is will protect the brick from the rain and snow in the future and from water getting in and bricks leaking. 

However, there are also sealants.  Is sealant necessary?  It’s really your call.  Let’s face it bricks have been around as a building and masonry tool for hundreds of years.  Structures that didn’t have brick sealants still stand, therefore it is really your call if you want to employ a brick sealant.  

Brickwork Specialists

Local Brickwork Albany Park

In order to help your brickwork, one of the best things you can do is just ask! When you look for a local brickwork service in Albany Park they will help you make the right call for your brickwork and how to protect it.  Mark’s Tuckpointing is dedicated to helping you make sure that you make the right call for your business.  We have been working in Albany Park for so long that we know the permits you need, the needs of the community, and how to give you the best services in the area.  If you are looking for more great services in the area check out the complete list of our services in Albany Park below!