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For your new building or restoring an old one – Mark’s Tuckpointing is your best option! Our 30 years experience in siding make us professionals in building and repairing all types of siding.  Thousands of customers that trusted us through the years made us best brickwork company in Chicago.

A Perfect Neighbourhood. Family House With Landscaped Front Yard

Licensed and Fully Insured Servicing Chicagoland and the Surrounding Suburbs.

Roofing License
IL License # 104-012713

New Installations

We offer professional siding installations where all panels and seams are good looking symmetry art. Only well done siding can serve their owners for years, because any seams, loose panels or warps can lessen the lifetime even by half.


Siding can come loose, warp, seams buckle, become damaged by the Chicago weather. Repairing siding usually means getting rid of old panels and replacing them with new ones.

Getting Started

If you need more information about our siding jobs – use contact form to get in touch. Or if you want to get a free estimate on your next job – use our Online Free Estimate Form.


“Mark’s Tuckpointing has a great staff that provides free estimates at a reasonable rate. They are willing to work within your time table.My wish is the the Condo Association sees things as I do. They did a great job!”

Scott H. []

“Peter was very helpful throughout the process. Him and his team did a great job tuckpointing and fixing our condo building’s gutter. Their price was reasonable and they did not try to convince us to do additional work (like some contractors did). We were very happy with the quality of their work.”

Julie A. []