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Roofing North Shore

Mark’s Tuckpointing offers commercial, residential and condominium roofing installation service in North Shore, Illinois and the surrounding area. We make buying a new roof easy in North Shore, Illinois. Our professional roofing contractors will guide you through the roofing process and figure out which roofing material is best for your home. We will sit down with you and go though all of your options and answer any questions you have. After you decide on a roof our licensed and certified roofing contractors will start the roofing installation. We finish every project from start to finish and provide the quality service you deserve.

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Roof Repair North Shore

Not sure if your roof should be repaired or replaced? Speak to the roofing contractors at Mark’s Tuckpointing. We can inspect your roof and let you know what kind of roof repairs you will need or if you will need a roofing installation. Getting your roof repaired will prevent larger issues from happening in the future, such as needing a new roof installed or replaced. If you have problems with your roof it is important to have it inspected by your local roofing contractor in North Shore, Illinois. At Mark’s Tuckpointing we offer roofing repairs and can help keep your roof in great shape! You can trust our contractors who are highly trained and certified in all roofing areas. Roofing repairs have a lot of benefits such as:

  1. Added value – a roof that is in great condition will help make your home sell easier in the future. If your roof is maintained and in great condition, a buyer will be more likely to buy your home because then they will not have to spend extra money on a new roof as well.
  2. Save – if you have a strong roof then it will keep your home safe from severe weather conditions. If it is sturdy then you won’t have to worry about your roof needing repairs. The better the quality of your roof the more you will save!
  3. Home protection – roof repairs will help keep you and your family protected from all types of weather conditions in North Shore, Illinois. Our contractors can inspect your roof and make sure there are not any other problems that will negatively impact your home.
  4. Lower energy bills – if your roof is worn down and drafty, your air conditioner and heater have to work harder to heat and cool your home, causing your energy bills to rise. A roofing repair will help keep your home draft and leak free.

Roofing Installation North Shore

The roof is one of the most important features on your home business or apartment in North Shore, Illinois because it protects you and everyone in it from all types of weather conditions. Once a roof gets worn down from old age or tattered from bad weather conditions you’ll have no choice but to replace it. Roofing installations can be costly and it’s important to do your research before you have one installed. Mark’s Tuckpointing is a roofing company you can trust! We offer affordable roofing installation prices, quality products and service you can depend on. If you’ve never had a roofing installation done on your North Shore residence, there are a few steps you should know. The first step to a roofing installation is to remove the current roof. Our team will remove the old roof and replace it with the new roofing materials. Before replacing the roof, we will inspect the sheathing. Sheathings are the flat panels under your roofing materials. If there are any spots that are moist or worn down it will need to be repaired. Once we do that, we can start adding on shingles and making sure the roof is being built securely.

Roofing Installation steps:

  1. Property protection – before you get your roof installed, professionals will make sure everything around your house or building is protected.
  2. Roof removal – Once everything is covered, our roofing contractors can start the removal process of your old roof.
  3. Inspect the roof – after your old roof is removed we will inspect your roof. We need to make sure there are no wet spots on your roof or other damages. If so, we will need to repair it.
  4. Shingles – the next step would be placing the shingles on the roof.
  5. Installation – once the shingles are placed securely, new roofing materials can be installed.
  6. Clean up – once the roofing installation is finished our team will clean up the site.
  7. Inspection – after everything above has been completed we will do one last inspection and make sure you’re happy with our work!

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Mark’s Tuckpointing has over 30 years of experience in roofing installations. We are licensed and fully insured. Our thousands of satisfied customers make us the top roofing installation company in the North Shore area and the Surrounding Suburbs. You can trust our team to get the job done correctly. If you’re interested in working with Mark’s Tuckpointing for your next roofing installation project contact us for a FREE estimate at 773-774-0444.