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Exterior Home Contractors

Niles, Illinois

Exterior Home Renovations in Niles

Mark’s Tuckpointing has been providing the best exterior home contracting services for over 30 years!  We have been the number one service that residents and businesses in Niles, Illinois rely on to make sure that their exterior look amazing and hold up to the elements outside.  Your home’s or business’ exterior takes a beating every year during the season changes in Niles, Illinois and that is why we are on hand ready to help whenever you need us.  When you choose to work with Mark’s Tuckpointing you are choosing a an exterior home remodeling service that has: 

We only employe the most knowledgeable contractors and consistently keep learning new techniques and advancement to provide you the best service in the Niles area.  When you choose Mark’s Tuckpointing you are choosing to make sure your project gets done on time, every time.  Call us today or fill out the form to the right and get your free estimate rolling: 

Home Exterior Services in Niles

When we refer to home exterior services we refer to a whole host of different services that you can rely on to keep your home looking beautiful and make a good first impression on your customers if you own a business.  When you have an apartment building with a beautiful exterior you can demand more for rent. When you have a home with a great looking exterior you can raise the price of your home.  Mark’s Tuckpointing can help with all of this! 

One of the biggest reasons the exterior of a home or business loses its quality is because of the year whether in Niles, Illinois. We all know living in Niles, that the weather can be 85 degrees on a Tuesday and below freezing later in the week.  Due to the harsh winters, moisture gets trapped in your brickwork and then freezes. This then expands and refreezes over and over again which weakens the structural integrity of the brick. This process will also cause your tuckpointing to crumble faster which will cause damage to the brickwork around it. 

Mark’s Tuckpointing is the best brick service in the ara with 30 years of experience and knowledge.  Here are just some of the services that we can help with when it comes to the exterior of your home: 

Tuckpointing:  Tuckpointing is the area in between your bricks.  When this disappears it will compromise the integrity of the surrounding bricks.  This will leads to breaking and cracking of the brick which is a bigger issue than just tuckpointing. You can discover more about tuckpointing and the process by reading the article below. 

Brickwork:  “What if the brick is already breaking?” you might be asking yourself.  This is when a professional brick service like ours might help out. We can analyze the bricks surrounding it and give you the best idea on how to repair or replace the brickwork on your home or business. Learn more about brick services and how we can help by reading the article below. 

Masonry Repairs:  Masonry Repairs refer to all the repairs that can come with brick, lintels, tuckpointing and structural integrity of the exterior of your home or business. In Niles, we see the need for a lot of general masonry repairs because of the age of the homes and the weather that affects them. Learn more about general masonry repairs below and how you might be able to prevent needing them. 

Pressure Cleaning: Sometimes a good pressure cleaning can improve the look of your exterior without needing a thing!  We have the best pressure cleaning services in Niles, Illinois and can offer you a free estimate and whether your building is a good candidate for pressure cleaning services. 

Home Exterior Contractor Niles
Home Exterior Contractor Niles
Home Exterior Contractor Niles
Home Exterior Contractor Niles
Home Exterior Contractor Niles

Chimney Repair – Again, working in Niles, Illinois for so long we have seen a lot of requests for chimney repairs.  The damage from a home’s lifetime of fire, animal destruction, and more can really do a number on a chimney.  Call us today for a free estimate on our chimney repair services. 

Concrete Steps and Walks: Brickwork isn’t the only thing that can be destroyed by the winter.  Concrete cand develop cracks, breaks, and more that can only get worse over time.  This can cause steps to completely break apart based on age. Read more below about how you might be able to prevent damage to your concrete in the future. 

Roofing: Once the biggest calls we get in Niles has to do with roofing systems.  Many homes are already on their second roof which means a complete tear-off.  However, roofing services don’t have to break the bank account. Let us take a look and offer you a free estimate. 

Windows:  Did you know you can lower your heating and cooling bills just by servicing your windows?  Window’s lifespan can depend on the window being used and the area surrounding the window.  Mark’s Tuckpointing can give you a free estimate on your windows and help you beat the drafts. 

Siding and Gutters: One of the most neglected aspects of the exterior of any home is the gutter system.  It’s one of the things we never think about until something goes wrong. We can help make sure that your gutter system works properly and ensure that water is being diverted away from the base of your home or business.  

Local Niles Exterior Home Service 

These are just some of the exterior services Mark’s Tuckpointing specializes in, there are several more that we have highlighted below.  We have been serving the Niles, Illinois area for over 30 years!  That is why we have dedicated an entire section on our site to the area.  Keep coming back as we continue to update the service list below and you can learn more helpful care tips, signs you might need us, and ways you might be able to improve your home or business’ exterior yourself! If you ever need us, need a free estimate, or have an emergency call us now and we will be right there for you: