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Masonry Repairs

Masonry Repairs

Mark’s Tuckpointing specializes in a variety of mason and stonework services, including: new construction, brickworktuckpointing, chimneys and waterproofings.

Whether you are suffering from the damage caused by an accident, storm or your masonry has been worn out due to the weather, don’t worry we will repair your brickwork.

Unrepaired cracks in concrete or masonry may cause more serious problems and as a result, the prices can rise. Chicago’s homeowners admit that the most troublesome are cracks which cause damages when the water freezes in them. Repairing will not only fix the look of the brickwork, it will also prevent it from further damages. The number one enemy of masonry is Chicagoland’s weather – rain, snow, ice and changes in temperatures.

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Getting Started

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“I can’s thank you Mark’s Tuckpointing enough for the work that was done to my home. I enjoyed sitting on my neighbors front porch each day watching the work that was being done. Each worker knew and loved what they were doing, and it wasn’t just a job to them, also I didn’t’ have to clean up each day, before the men left they cleaned up and they left my yard spotless. Also they didn’t disturb anything over my fence and bother my neighbors yard. You really made a senior were happy without taking”

Dorothy Hojnacki


“Thank you for job well done. Your men were professional and courteous.”

Joseph Jaworski

Licensed and Fully Insured Servicing Chicagoland and the Surrounding Suburbs.

Roofing License
IL License # 104-012713

Helpful Information

  • All mortar used for the tuckpointing is a 3:1 mix, (3) parts of fine aggregate “Bank Sand” mixed with (1) part of masonry type “N” cement, (3) trowles of lime, and (3) trowels of Portland cement.
  • All mortar used for the bricklaying is a 2:1 mix, Portland and lime mixed with #2 sand aggregate.
  • Percentage/square footage of wall areas to be spot-tuckpointed, will be determined by Contractor and specified in the contract
  • Contractor is not responsible for settlement cracks and efflorescence forming on brick or mortar, due to moisture retention of the brick.